31 August 2012

Tripe Goes Global

In yesterday’s Times City Diary under the headline 'Clever marketing...', Martin Waller reported that our website “has prompted a couple of lifestyle pieces in the tabloid press about how tripe is “ripe for a revival." There’s a pound of fresh honeycomb in the post for you, Martin. Meanwhile, Batam Today (Indonesia), the South China Daily Hua and The Times of Malaysia all ran features on tripe. In What Cow? (Canada), Sir Norman Wrassle is quoted as saying, “Cows are like people. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” 

30 August 2012

Tripe - The Food Of Olympic Champions

Back in January this year, in an interview with The Guardian, athletics golden girl Jessica Ennis said that her mother fed her liquidised tripe when she was a baby. Twenty five years later she wins the gold medal in the heptathlon at the London 2012 Olympic games with a British and Commonwealth record score of 6,955 points. To us the connection is clear. Liquidised tripe is the food of Olympic champions. If you’re looking for a lucrative three-figure sponsorship deal, Jess, just get in touch. (PS in the interview you describe liquidized tripe as “minging” and “disgusting.” You really should have tried it with a sprig of parsley and a dash of lemon. Yummy). 

29 August 2012

Beefstock Affected By Weather

Inclement weather affected the Beefstock Festival Of Music And Tripe over the August Bank Holiday Weekend. The Festival was abandoned on Monday during a performance by the Super Funny Animals when our health and safety adviser informed us that torrential rain meant Festival-goers could get wet. 

Attendances were 25% down on last year’s Festival mainly because a minibus carrying eight people ended up at an unofficial Beefstock Festival in Derbyshire.

Sales Of Tripe Up Following Media Coverage

Sales of tripe have rocketed across Lancashire following extensive coverage in the media last week. One Bolton supermarket reported a 100% increase in sales. Store manager Roy Greenhalgh said, “We normally sell one pack a week. Last week we sold two.” Sales of Forgotten Lancashire And Parts Of Cheshire And The Wirral by Dr Derek J Ripley remained constant.

TMB Books: An Apology

TMB Books, the publishing arm of the Tripe Marketing Board , has issued a statement that the warning on the cover of Forgotten Lancashire And Parts Of Cheshire And The Wirral that the book is “99% fact free” is misleading. The warning should, in fact, read “100% fact free.” TMB Books would like to apologise to all customers who have pointed this out and hopes that this does not spoil their reading enjoyment. 

25 August 2012

Look Out For The Men In White

Look out for the The Men In White - they’re coming your way to spread the word about tripe. They’ll be instantly recognizable by their smart white trilby hats and coats and the distinctive smell of tripe. And they’ll be carrying TMB ID so you don’t have to worry about accosting off duty NHS personnel. Why not stop them and ask them to tell you all about the benefits of eating tripe-it shouldn’t take more than five seconds. And why not take the tripe challenge and win yourself a tripod- a handy 100% acrylic bag perfect for taking your tripe home in and keeping it moist-or a signed copy of Forgotten Lancashire And Parts Of Cheshire And The Wirral by Dr Derek J Ripley (while stocks last).

24 August 2012

Tripe On The Radio

The tripefest continued on today’s Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2. Paddy O’Connell, who is standing in while Jeremy is on holiday with his family at their caravan in Blackpool, led a discussion on our favourite food and sampled a dish prepared by top chef, Jacob Kenedy, declaring it “an excellent dish” but "a bit like eating your own tongue."  Better than eating somebody else's tongue, Paddy! Another guest called the dish “really good”, whilst Chris Hay talked about the National Association Of Tripe Dressers which currently has three members. Paddy read out an email from a listener who described how a friend mistook a sheet of tripe for a cloth and washed the kitchen floor with it. We think it would have been good enough to eat after a quick rinse. Buon appetito! 

Tripe’s In The News Again

You just can’t keep tripe out of the newspapers. Today’s Daily Mirror (23/8/12) reports that tripe is ‘ripe for a revival,’ quotes Sir Norman Wrassle and features a picture of Leanne Oakshott from The Tripe Stall in Blackburn holding up a tray of the lovely stuff. Reporter Steve White refers to tripe as a “delicacy.” We don’t think there’s any need for inverted commas, sir! Mr White says that tripe “is considered a delicacy in France, Portugal and in Mexico, where it is served with onion and salsa.” It’s considered a delicacy up here in Lancashire, too, where it’s served with just about anything! 

Meanwhile,in today’s Daily Mail, Anna Edwards writes, “It might be back in fashion, but for many it still turns the stomach.” Well, Ms Edwards, we love it, but for those who don’t, why not buy some tripe merchandise from our LOATHE IT/HATE IT range. Or a copy of Forgotten Lancashire by Dr Derek J Ripley, published by TMB Books, the publishing arm of the Tripe Marketing Board, which has a chapter on tripe. Now available on Amazon.  As for Ms Edwards, all we can say is, “You are offal. But we like you!” 

23 August 2012

TMB Receives International Accolade


TMB’s efforts to promote tripe to the British public have been recognised by the Accademia Della Trippa, one of the most prestigious tripe institutions in Europe. TMB sends fraternal greetings to the Accademia and to tripe lovers all over the world.

Tripe In The News

Today’s Lancashire Evening Telegraph (22/8/12) reports on TMB’s efforts to revive interest in tripe in East Lancashire. Andrew Holt from the Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company is quoted as saying that tripe appeals to people across the board whilst retailer Leanne Oakshott sells more tripe than anything else. TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle is quoted as saying that tripe has suffered from a poor reputation but the industry is fighting back.

22 August 2012

The Barjols Festival of Tripe

Since the sad demise of the Wigan Tripe Dressers' Gala in 2006, the Barjols Festival of Tripe in France has become the biggest festival in Europe which celebrates our favourite food . As usual, we will be hiring a minibus to take all lovers of tripe to Barjols for the weekend. Please book your places early to avoid disappointment. For more information on the festival please click here or to see what you're missing, watch this fascinating video. 

20 August 2012

TMB on YouTube

If you were looking for evidence that tripe is making a comeback, you need look no further than our videos on our new YouTube Channel.  Our quest to promote tripe knows no bounds - please subscribe to the Channel for regular updates!  Meanwhile, here's just a flavour of what to expect. 

6 August 2012

TMB Chairman Condemns Vicious Tripe Slur

TMB Chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle has today (6 August 2012) condemned as 'vicious and unwarranted'  an attack on tripe by artisan baker and well-known chef, Paul Hollywood, in yesterday's Independent on Sunday magazine.  In response to the question 'The Strangest Thing I've Eaten', Mr Holyrood writes: "Honeycomb tripe ... it was truly revolting; the texture was like eating a condom.  We are not in the Middle Ages now, so we don't need to eat that."

Sir Norman has written personally to Mr Hollywood to defend tripe and to invite him to taste the latest creations of the TMB's research and development team.  He told Mr Hollywood, "It is not helpful when respected chefs such as yourself make disparaging comments about  great British food."
  In a further attempt to rebut Mr Hollinwood's criticisms, the TMB has commissioned eminent local librarian Dr Derek J Ripley (author of Forgotten Lancashire and Parts of Cheshire and the Wirral) to undertake research into the prevalence of condom eating in the Middle Ages.