24 August 2012

Tripe’s In The News Again

You just can’t keep tripe out of the newspapers. Today’s Daily Mirror (23/8/12) reports that tripe is ‘ripe for a revival,’ quotes Sir Norman Wrassle and features a picture of Leanne Oakshott from The Tripe Stall in Blackburn holding up a tray of the lovely stuff. Reporter Steve White refers to tripe as a “delicacy.” We don’t think there’s any need for inverted commas, sir! Mr White says that tripe “is considered a delicacy in France, Portugal and in Mexico, where it is served with onion and salsa.” It’s considered a delicacy up here in Lancashire, too, where it’s served with just about anything! 

Meanwhile,in today’s Daily Mail, Anna Edwards writes, “It might be back in fashion, but for many it still turns the stomach.” Well, Ms Edwards, we love it, but for those who don’t, why not buy some tripe merchandise from our LOATHE IT/HATE IT range. Or a copy of Forgotten Lancashire by Dr Derek J Ripley, published by TMB Books, the publishing arm of the Tripe Marketing Board, which has a chapter on tripe. Now available on Amazon.  As for Ms Edwards, all we can say is, “You are offal. But we like you!” 

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