29 September 2012

Fifty Shades Of Grey Tripe

We’re often asked if it is normal for tripe to be grey or if it is acceptable to be a lover of grey tripe. In the old days it was not acceptable for tripe to be grey. It had to be sold under the counter and admitting to a penchant for a bit of grey could lead to being ostracized. Nowadays, of course, we live in more enlightened times and being grey is no better or worse than being white or even green for that matter. It is not widely known that there are as many as fifty shades of grey tripe. So if you’re partial to a bit of grey, say it loud you’re a grey tripe lover and you’re proud! 

28 September 2012

Thirty Shades Of White

Tripe comes in three colours- grey, white, and green, the colours of the Tripe Marketing Board’s official banner. The commonest colour is white but this can range from cream to polar white depending on the extent to which it has been bleached. We are happy to eat tripe whatever colour or shade it may be. But some people may have a favourite shade or may have a very good reason for choosing a particular shade. For example, you may be hosting a dinner party for the boss and his wife and want to impress them by serving a tripe-based dish and it’s a matter of great importance that the shade of tripe you have chosen matches your drapes or soft furnishings. So we’ve come up with a handy downloadable colour chart (above) to take the guesswork out of getting exactly the right shade and to make shopping for tripe a stress-free experience! 

26 September 2012

New Advertising Campaign Rolled Out

The Tripe Marketing Board's latest advertising campaign is being rolled out in selected towns and cities across the north west. The campaign emphasises tripe's family values and features a typical cosmopolitan Lancashire family. The message is clear.Tripe isn't just for the over 65s. It's for everyone! 

22 September 2012

Tripe In The News Again!

BBC News at One tripe

They just can't keep tripe off our TV!  And it's not just the endless cookery programmes and reality shows we're talking about! Fresh on the heels of the TMB's attempts to put the spotlight on tripe, the BBC's News at One today featured an interview with Doreen, a resident of a care home near Bristol. 

Asked by disbelieving BBC journalist John Maguire (who really should know better!) whether she was a fan of tripe, Doreen replied 'Oh, yes! Always cooked in milk!'

The tripe featured in a fabricated shop designed to trigger memories in people suffering from dementia.  We have a better suggestion. Why not offer them it for lunch?  It's certainly nutritious, if not always delicious.  And we'll be happy if John (or anyone else) wants to contact us for a sample of tripe by e-mailing emily@tripemarketingboard.co.uk

We salute you, Doreen, for keeping tripe in the headlines! 

21 September 2012

Crosby, Formby & Southport Talk Tripe

Tripe in Southport

A whistle-stop tour of the West Lancashire coastal strip by the TMB's Men In White has helped consolidate tripe as the offal that's making a comeback in the North West. 

While trotters, kidneys and liver continue to decline in popularity, the rise of tripe knows no limits.  Today, the Men In White visited a Polish delicatessen in Crosby and discussed all matters flaki with the proprietor.  After that, it was time to dash to Southport's lovely new food market which is a credit to the town.  There they found two retailers stocking tripe, one of whom agreed to pose for a promotional photo for the TMB.  We salute you, Steve Adams (pictured above, from Holmes-Smith Speciality Foods) and we hope your sales continue to rise as we spread the news about tripe.

While in the three towns, the Men In White also looked in on Broadhurst's Bookshop in Southport, Pritchard's in Crosby and the Old Bookshop in Formby.  All are now stocking copies of Dr Derek J Ripley's seminal local history book Forgotten Lancashire and Parts of Cheshire and the Wirral.  Dr Ripley's book was reviewed in the October issue of Lancashire Life magazine under the heading A Load of Old Tripe?  

16 September 2012

Where There's Hope There's Tripe

The Tripe Marketing Board's campaign to put tripe onto the butchers' blocks and bookshelves of Britain takes a step south this weekend as our Men In White visit the Hope Street Festival in Liverpool.  They'll be handing out samples of tripe and finding out what the public thinks, following successful visits to Accrington and Wigan in the last few weeks.   Since we launched our campaign on 20 August 2012, the number of people actively detesting tripe has fallen by nearly1% - that's great news for tripe sellers!  Meanwhile, the TMB is pleased to announce that we have set up a 'We Love Tripe' Group on Facebook.  If you can't make it to Liverpool on Sunday, why not pop along and join the group?  You'll be in good company! 

13 September 2012

Mr Martin Waller

In the Times City Diary of 29 August, Martin Waller, a respected Fleet Street journalist, called the Tripe Marketing Board website “very funny” and “an attempt to gain publicity for Forgotten Lancashire And Parts Of Cheshire And The Wirral, a spoof local history book.” Well, Martin, we’ve got news for you. The TMB is no spoof - just ask Denise Webster (pictured above right with one of the Men In White) from Sutcliffe’s tripe stall in Wigan Market Hall who SOLD OUT of tripe on Saturday - something she can't ever remember happening?! And to prove it, next time you venture north of the M25, we’ll be happy to buy you lunch (tripe-based of course). And don’t worry, Martin, we don’t bite. (Well actually one of The Men In White does, but there’s no need to worry - he’s currently under sedation). 

11 September 2012

Wiganers Give Tripe A Try

A big thank you to the people of Wigan for making the Men In White so welcome on Saturday. Their message to all Wiganers was simple-put down your pies and give tripe a try. There were fewer Men In White on the streets of Wigan than expected as a car carrying a contingent of MIW got stuck on the A49 just outside Standish following a comfort break. Stick to the M6 next time, Sid! 

8 September 2012

Digging For Tripe

The Men In White will be in Wigan tomorrow (Saturday 8th September) to meet the locals and will be visiting The Diggers Festival. They’ll be giving away tripe-based merchandise to anyone who can answer the following question: What T is the stomach lining of animals, usually cows? 

7 September 2012

TMB Condemns Foul-Mouthed Tirade

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle today condemned as “unacceptable” controversial tripe entrepreneur Brian Eyre’s foul-mouthed outburst at a customer, as reported in yesterday’s East Lancashire Chronicle.

According to the Chronicle, when Mrs Edna Sharples asked for another plastic bag when her bag split, Mr Eyre, 58, is alleged to have said, “Do you think I’m f*****g made of money, you silly old cow.”

Mrs Sharples, 86, who has been a customer of Mr Eyre for over 40 years, was said to be too distressed to talk to the press yesterday.

This is not the first time the controversial entrepreneur, who owns a string of tripe stalls at markets across the north-west, has been in the news for his unusual approach to customer relations. He once described his customers as “t***s.”

Sir Norman said today, “This sort of thing is just not acceptable in this day and age, particularly in the current economic climate when we need every customer we can get. The TMB utterly condemns ageism in any shape or form. I would like to assure the public that Mr Eyre is not typical of tripe retailers. I have today sent Mrs Sharples a pound of fresh honeycomb with the compliments of the Tripe Marketing Board.” 

6 September 2012

Tripe Sales Down

UK tripe sales values were down by 0.3% on a like-for-like basis from August 2011, when they were down 0.5% on the preceding year. On a total basis, sales were up 1.5%, against a 1.4% rise in August 2011.

These were both the lowest since November 2011 as the feelgood factor from the Olympic Games failed to inspire spending on tripe.
There was a mild boost to food sales in the form of party food and drink, but the net effect of the Games was minimal.The most noticeable impact from the Games was felt online which saw growth of just 4.7% in August - the lowest since July 2012.

Robert Stephenson director general of The British Tripe Consortium, said: "There's no evidence here of any Olympic Games boost to retail sales of tripe overall. Sadly, apart from April,  August saw the worst sales growth this year. Hot weather and the Games did help sales of party food and drink but tripe is no longer considered a party food in most parts of the country, apart from Lancashire." 

5 September 2012

The Tripe Taste Challenge

In the August 5th issue of the Independent on Sunday magazine, top chef Paul Hollywood said in response to the question 'The Strangest Thing I've Eaten', "Honeycomb tripe ... it was truly revolting; the texture was like eating a condom.  We are not in the Middle Ages now, so we don't need to eat that." We invited Mr Hollywood to taste the latest creations of TMB's research and development team but did not receive a response. So yesterday we took to the streets of Bolton and Bury to ask shoppers to take the Tripe Taste Challenge. We asked 100 people, “Can you tell the difference between a portion of tripe and a condom?” 96 people declined to participate but of the four people who took the challenge, three could tell the difference, two of whom preferred the tripe. Conclusive proof that three out of four people can tell the difference between eating eating tripe and a condom. 

4 September 2012

Eating Tripe May Lower Risk Of Suffering A Stroke

New research published today shows that eating a moderate amount of tripe every day may be associated with a lower risk of stroke. The findings are based on data from a study of the effect of tripe consumption on 100 men. For the study, 50 men aged 20-25 were given a daily portion of 50 grams of tripe whilst  50 men aged 80-85 were not. At the end of twelve months, four of the group which had not eaten tripe had suffered strokes whilst members of the group which ate tripe remained stroke-free. “This is conclusive evidence that consumption of tripe as part of a healthy balanced diet can help prevent strokes in men,” said Richard Hawkins, the Sir Norman Wrassle Professor of Food Science And Ethics at the University of Wigan. Professor Hawkins is 62.

1 September 2012

Men In White In Blackburn

The Men In White were out and about in East Lancashire today and stopped to chat about tripe to the good folk of Blackburn and Accrington. They received a warm East Lancashire welcome from Blackburn Market tripe stall holders Mrs Oakshott and Leanne and the very nice lady who runs the tripe stall on Accrington Market. We are delighted to report that both have experienced an increase in sales following recent coverage of tripe in the local and national media. The Men In White popped into the Abbey Friar - the best chippy in Accrington- for a spot of lunch and although there was no tripe on the menu they enjoyed a delicious meal. Unfortunately, a rendezvous with a photographer from the Accrington Observer did not materialize. Don't worry if you missed them today. They’ll be coming back to East Lancashire very soon. And if you're wondering where you can buy Forgotten Lancashire And Parts Of Cheshire And The Wirral in East Lancashire, it's now available in WH Smith in Accrington.