4 September 2012

Eating Tripe May Lower Risk Of Suffering A Stroke

New research published today shows that eating a moderate amount of tripe every day may be associated with a lower risk of stroke. The findings are based on data from a study of the effect of tripe consumption on 100 men. For the study, 50 men aged 20-25 were given a daily portion of 50 grams of tripe whilst  50 men aged 80-85 were not. At the end of twelve months, four of the group which had not eaten tripe had suffered strokes whilst members of the group which ate tripe remained stroke-free. “This is conclusive evidence that consumption of tripe as part of a healthy balanced diet can help prevent strokes in men,” said Richard Hawkins, the Sir Norman Wrassle Professor of Food Science And Ethics at the University of Wigan. Professor Hawkins is 62.

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