13 September 2012

Mr Martin Waller

In the Times City Diary of 29 August, Martin Waller, a respected Fleet Street journalist, called the Tripe Marketing Board website “very funny” and “an attempt to gain publicity for Forgotten Lancashire And Parts Of Cheshire And The Wirral, a spoof local history book.” Well, Martin, we’ve got news for you. The TMB is no spoof - just ask Denise Webster (pictured above right with one of the Men In White) from Sutcliffe’s tripe stall in Wigan Market Hall who SOLD OUT of tripe on Saturday - something she can't ever remember happening?! And to prove it, next time you venture north of the M25, we’ll be happy to buy you lunch (tripe-based of course). And don’t worry, Martin, we don’t bite. (Well actually one of The Men In White does, but there’s no need to worry - he’s currently under sedation). 

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