5 September 2012

The Tripe Taste Challenge

In the August 5th issue of the Independent on Sunday magazine, top chef Paul Hollywood said in response to the question 'The Strangest Thing I've Eaten', "Honeycomb tripe ... it was truly revolting; the texture was like eating a condom.  We are not in the Middle Ages now, so we don't need to eat that." We invited Mr Hollywood to taste the latest creations of TMB's research and development team but did not receive a response. So yesterday we took to the streets of Bolton and Bury to ask shoppers to take the Tripe Taste Challenge. We asked 100 people, “Can you tell the difference between a portion of tripe and a condom?” 96 people declined to participate but of the four people who took the challenge, three could tell the difference, two of whom preferred the tripe. Conclusive proof that three out of four people can tell the difference between eating eating tripe and a condom. 

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