28 September 2012

Thirty Shades Of White

Tripe comes in three colours- grey, white, and green, the colours of the Tripe Marketing Board’s official banner. The commonest colour is white but this can range from cream to polar white depending on the extent to which it has been bleached. We are happy to eat tripe whatever colour or shade it may be. But some people may have a favourite shade or may have a very good reason for choosing a particular shade. For example, you may be hosting a dinner party for the boss and his wife and want to impress them by serving a tripe-based dish and it’s a matter of great importance that the shade of tripe you have chosen matches your drapes or soft furnishings. So we’ve come up with a handy downloadable colour chart (above) to take the guesswork out of getting exactly the right shade and to make shopping for tripe a stress-free experience! 

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