6 August 2012

TMB Chairman Condemns Vicious Tripe Slur

TMB Chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle has today (6 August 2012) condemned as 'vicious and unwarranted'  an attack on tripe by artisan baker and well-known chef, Paul Hollywood, in yesterday's Independent on Sunday magazine.  In response to the question 'The Strangest Thing I've Eaten', Mr Holyrood writes: "Honeycomb tripe ... it was truly revolting; the texture was like eating a condom.  We are not in the Middle Ages now, so we don't need to eat that."

Sir Norman has written personally to Mr Hollywood to defend tripe and to invite him to taste the latest creations of the TMB's research and development team.  He told Mr Hollywood, "It is not helpful when respected chefs such as yourself make disparaging comments about  great British food."
  In a further attempt to rebut Mr Hollinwood's criticisms, the TMB has commissioned eminent local librarian Dr Derek J Ripley (author of Forgotten Lancashire and Parts of Cheshire and the Wirral) to undertake research into the prevalence of condom eating in the Middle Ages.

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