22 September 2012

Tripe In The News Again!

BBC News at One tripe

They just can't keep tripe off our TV!  And it's not just the endless cookery programmes and reality shows we're talking about! Fresh on the heels of the TMB's attempts to put the spotlight on tripe, the BBC's News at One today featured an interview with Doreen, a resident of a care home near Bristol. 

Asked by disbelieving BBC journalist John Maguire (who really should know better!) whether she was a fan of tripe, Doreen replied 'Oh, yes! Always cooked in milk!'

The tripe featured in a fabricated shop designed to trigger memories in people suffering from dementia.  We have a better suggestion. Why not offer them it for lunch?  It's certainly nutritious, if not always delicious.  And we'll be happy if John (or anyone else) wants to contact us for a sample of tripe by e-mailing emily@tripemarketingboard.co.uk

We salute you, Doreen, for keeping tripe in the headlines! 

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