1 October 2012

Can tripe increase libido?

It’s the question which is on everybody’s minds. Can tripe really increase libido? We asked Professor Richard Hawkins of the Sir Norman Wrassle Centre for Genomic Research at the University of Wigan and author of “The Laughing Genome” to put this to the test.

Professor Hawkins selected a pair of twin adolescent mice (Boris and Elton) and placed them in separate cages. He fed both mice a meat-based dish (cat or bird) and added powdered tripe to Boris’s meat dish but none to Elton’s. This was followed by a selection of cheeses (Port Salut, Roquefort and Red Leicester). He then decorated both cages with pictures of female mice. 

After one week he introduced female mice to both cages at a rate of one per hour. Boris mated with every female mouse introduced into his cage and produced a total of ninety-four offspring whilst Elton ignored the female mice and simply cleaned his cage. “Although more work is required, the results of these tests are encouraging,” said Professor Hawkins. “When it comes to DNA, there's not much difference between mice and men.”

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