31 October 2012

Fred Dibnah Rolls Ahead!

After the first 300 votes in TMB Books' Greatest Lancastrian poll, Fred Dibnah has taken an early lead by securing 30% of votes cast.  

The Bolton-born chimney blaster and steam engine fan who died in 2004 has clearly got quite a following across Lancashire, if our poll result is anything to go by.

Early leader Gerard Winstanley, the Wigan Digger who is acclaimed as one of Britain's first socialists, was pushed into second place as votes started to stack up behind Fred.

Meanwhile, fans of George Formby have been left smarting as the Wigan ukelele player only managed to reach 3rd place.

But it's not over yet!  It's early days and there's almost a month of voting until the results are announced on Lancashire Day (27 November 2012).

So, if you know anyone who hasn't cast their vote yet - give them a nudge!

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