17 October 2012

Men In White Salute Forgotten Lancashire Hero

The Men In White received the customary warm welcome from the people of Wigan today on a whirlwind visit to spread the good news that tripe is making a comeback and to check on sales of Forgotten Lancashire And Parts Of Cheshire And The Wirral. Amongst the retailers who received a visit was Frank Ryding (pictured) who runs a very busy news stand in the market hall where copies of the book have been flying off the shelves. The Men In White are pleased to recommend Mr Chips (and the dining-in section Café Select) on Hallgate where they enjoyed a delicious lunch of steak pie, chips and gravy and a bottle of the finest sparkling mineral water. The pie was home-made and extremely tasty and the chips perfect-probably the best in Wigan. Please note that The Men In White received no payment for this recommendation nor did they receive a free lunch as there is, of course, no such thing as a free lunch. They are, however, open to offers. If you would like to offer them a free lunch please contact us. Terms and conditions apply.

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