3 October 2012

Survey Reveals Staggering Lack Of Knowledge About Tripe

One in five adults apparently believe that tripe grows on trees. The statistic is the most shocking in a survey that reveals a bewildering level of consumer ignorance about food. A staggering 18 per cent believe tripe grows underground and is mined by illegal immigrants. Twenty per cent think that chips grow in the soil and ten per cent believe that pizza is a vegetable.A quarter of adults admit to being stumped when a child asks them where they come from and a staggering 22 per cent don’t know their own address. A fifth have never heard of the Tripe Marketing Board and five per cent think the Queen is a potato.

The research, which was carried out among 2,000 adults, was commissioned by the TMB to celebrate the launch of a new colour coding system and to get free publicity for tripe. 

Half claim that their tripe isn’t white enough, 28 per cent say it’s too white and 34 per cent struggle to find their way home after work. 

Sir Norman Wrassle, chairman of the Tripe Marketing Board said: 'Our research shows that some British adults need to brush up on their knowledge of tripe.It’s worrying to think that there are people out there who believe tripe is just what they see on television and read in their magazines. There is plenty of information available about tripe so they can read up – I recommend the chapter on tripe in Forgotten Lancashire And Parts Of Cheshire And The Wirralby Dr Derek Ripley.'

Cooking is an issue too - despite being one of the nation’s favourite beverages, one in twenty adults still admit to not knowing how to make a cup of tea.

Sir Norman added: 'Tripe is one of the most versatile foods - it can be used to create so many tasty dishes as well as making a perfect temporary floor covering or emergency waterproof shelter. Our colour coding system has been introduced to make it even easier for you to pick exactly the right shade of tripe for you.”

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  1. Identifying this ignorance is one thing. What is your Marketing Board doing to challenge it?