25 October 2012

Tripe Campaign ‘A Great Success’!

The Tripe Marketing Board’s 2012 campaign to get tripe back on the butchers’ slabs and bookshops of Britain has been hailed as a huge success by TMB Chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle.

Sir Norman Wrassle
“Since we launched the campaign in August, sales of tripe have undoubtedly gone up, whether it be of the edible or written kind.  Our colleagues across the channel at French Tripe have only managed to garner 3,700 visitors since they set their website up some years ago.  We’ve had 2,800 visits in the last 9 weeks alone!”  said Sir Norman.

This is just the first stage of the TMB’s campaign – designed to ‘reconquer the heartlands’ of tripe in Central, East and West Lancashire.  The Board’s Men In White have been in evidence across the county and helped raise the profile of tripe in markets, butchers’ shops and bookshops.

“I’m told we now have nearly 150 members of the We Love Tripe! group on Facebox, and our Twitting campaign has gathered 37 ‘followers’ since it was launched last week,” Sir Norman said.

Meanwhile, TMB Books have confirmed that Waterstones branches as far afield as Manchester Arndale, Crewe, Liverpool, Oldham, Preston, Warringon, Wigan and Birkenhead all have supplies of the new publication Forgotten Lancashire and Parts of Cheshire and the Wirral.  A sample of tripe from the book can be read here, and it is also available on Amazon.

Dr Derek J Ripley
Sir Norman denied rumours of a rift between TMB Books and the author of Forgotten Lancashire, Dr Derek J Ripley.   Dr Ripley has publicly complained that his book has been classified as ‘Humour’ by the publisher.

“This book was tested on focus groups before it was published.  Nine out of ten people said it was funny, and this is born out by reviews since gathered on Amazon.  We’re happy enough to publish other books Dr Ripley may have up his sleeve,” said Sir Norman.  "We've even published Forgotten Lancashire on Kindle, so people who don't like books can now buy it," he added.

  • To join the TMB’s Facebook Group, visit We Love Tripe!
  • To follow the TMB on Twitter, visit @TripeUK
  • To buy Forgotten Lancashire visit the TMB website ForgottenLancashire.
  • To buy tasty tripe, visit your butcher and demand tripe: accept no substitute!

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