30 November 2012

A Rose By Any Other Name?

Tripe. It's a word that's become synonymous with all things rubbish.  Even a cursory glance at the internet reveals that tripe has got something of a negative image. 

In an era when youngsters turn their noses up at anything that doesn't come out of a packet and when almost every reality TV show is dismissed by the critics as 'a load of old tripe', it's a name which presents a double liability for anyone charged with marketing tripe - as, of course, are we. 

We've done our best to improve the image of tripe, but it's an uphill battle.  That's why we're launching a competition to FIND A NEW NAME FOR TRIPE.

 Sir Norman Wrassle, Chairman of the Tripe Marketing Board, said: 
"Over the last four months we've invested heavily in the social media such as Facebook and Twitter, in a bid to improve the image of our product. 

"In that time, we've had over 9,000 visits to our website and this parallel TMB Industry news blog, and we've had some spectacular results in some areas of the north west.  Yet we seem to be failing to break into our target market of the under 85s.  That's why I've ordered this re-think."

New Director General, Mr Timothy Flaxton-Buoys, said: "After only a week in post I commissioned a study to determine why people don't buy tripe.  Amongst the under 85s, less than 0.2% had ever tried tripe, and many were turned off by the sight of it.  They were unsure how to cook it, and many were put off even considering it by the name.  We need a new name that will pull tripe into the 21st century." 

For a chance to win a signed copy of Derek J Ripley's Forgotten Lancashire and Parts of Cheshire and the Wirral (described by Lancashire Life magazine as the book that revitalised the Lancashire tripe industry) RRP £9.99, submit your entry no later than Friday 14 December 2012.

You can submit your entry via our website, submit a 'comment' below, or Tweet your entry to @TripeUK

The judges decision is final, and no cash alternative will be available as a prize (although we will substitute 1lb of the finest Lancashire honeycomb tripe at your request).

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