27 November 2012

Greatest Lancastrian Poll: The Results Are In!

After a month of voting, and over 500 responses, the results of TMB Books' online poll to find the Greatest Lancastrian can now be revealed.

The results are published to celebrate Lancashire Day - 27 November 2012 - when Lancastrians all over the world traditionally pour themselves a cup of Lancashire Tea, pull out a copy of Lanky Spoken Here by Dave Dutton and fry up some Real Lancashire black pudding while listening to a track or two from The Lancashire Hotpots.  There'll be time in the afternoon for a Lancashire Eccles Cake, and a good read of Lancashire Life and in the evening, no doubt, a nice dish of tripe and onions and a pint of Thwaites beer, while settling down for a good chuckle with Derek Ripley's book Forgotten Lancashire.

Top of the shop, with 33% of the votes was Lancashire hero Fred Dibnah.  Fred took an early and unassailable lead in the vote, at one point with almost 40% of the votes cast.  His promotion of all things Lancastrian made him a popular choice - he'll be chuckling to learn the news as he drives his heavenly steam engines, no doubt!  Well done, Fred - we salute you!

A surprise second place went to Gerrard Winstanley, the Leveller from Wigan who has made his mark in so many ways down the generations since he died in 1676, shaping the agenda of British socialism ever since.

And in third place, another Wigan lad, George Formby - turned out nice again, George! 

In fourth place, Rochdale's Mike Harding, who has entertained millions with his humorous songs and comedy - you're in fine company, Mike, and technically the greatest living Lancastrian!

TMB Books would like to thank all those who have participated in the poll - commiserations to those candidates who failed to make the top slots!

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  1. Who is Fred Didnah? I didnah think you spelled his name that way!