1 November 2012

Safe From Sandy

TMB Chairman Sir Norman Wrassle today paid tribute to Brian Yarvin, the Tripe Marketing Board's Operations Director for the Atlantic and Areas West of Lancashire, who battled through the after-affects of Superstorm Sandy to keep in touch with our headquarters in Preston.

Brian is based in New Jersey, which has born the brunt of the storm that recently hit the USA.  He nevertheless managed to post a message to We Love Tripe! - the Facebook group page managed by Emily French, the TMB's Communications Officer - re-assuring us that he was safe.

Writing yesterday, Brian said: "No heat or electric, but I made it to an open coffee shop this morning - we are dirty, but fine. All tripe vendors are closed for the near future though."

Nevertheless, we heard earlier this evening that Brian had managed to locate some tripe and was tucking into a plate of Tibetan cold spicy tripe in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Sir Norman said: "It's people like Brian who make me proud to Chair the Tripe Marketing Board.  He would doubtlessly shrug the honour off, but he's a true hero of tripe.  We hope he and his family stay safe over the next few days."

The TMB is monitoring the position closely, and is considering organising an airlift of tripe supplies should the situation worsen.

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