2 November 2012

The BBC v Mr Danny Baker: TMB Statement

TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has condemned as "outrageous" the BBC’s decision to release popular radio broadcasters Danny Baker and Mike Harding. Sir Norman said, “The BBC clearly feels threatened by our recent announcement about the launch of Tripe TV. By not renewing the contracts of of Mr Baker and Mr Harding, two of its finest broadcasters, the BBC has increased its output of tripe - which is already substantial - at a stroke. The BBC is clearly intent on challenging Tripe TV as the UK’s premier provider of broadcast tripe even before the channel is launched.

“Well let me say this. We accept the BBC’s challenge. However much tripe you decide to broadcast we will broadcast more. In a race to the bottom, we will win every time. Don't forget, we have much less money than you.

"In fact, I would like to issue the following challenge to the BBC. I will be in London on Monday. I have a meeting in the morning but will be free in the afternoon. Send one of your top executives to meet me on Clapham Common at 2pm and I will take him on. I may be 72 but I used to be an amateur boxer and I am still very handy.”

As a tribute to Mr Baker, the TMB yesterday asked 100 shoppers in Preston city centre the following question. “If you were taking your partner out for a romantic meal, what would you choose from the menu? Would it be white tripe, green tripe or no tripe at all?” One percent of those polled said they would choose white tripe. 99% said they would choose no tripe at all.

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