31 December 2012

2012: A Stand-Out Year For Tripe!

When, in the summer of 2012, the Tripe Marketing Board decided to launch itself on the internet, Facebook and on Twitter, there were those within the industry who had their doubts.  Tripe News, the weekly industry trade journal, famously said we were 'flogging a dead cow'.  When we took a further step and moved into publishing, a lot of people laughed.  Well, they're not laughing now.

In the short time of our new strategy to promote tripe, over 20,000 visits have been made to our websites at the Tripe Marketing Board, TMB Industry News, Forgotten Lancashire and The Lost Films.


On top of that, over 3,000 people have viewed our promotional videos on YouTube and the Tripe Marketing Board has even featured in the national press - the Daily Mail, the Daily Mirror and the Lancashire Evening Telegraph.  Our Greatest Lancastrian poll attracted over 500 votes and was featured in the Lancashire Evening Post.

Of course, it hasn't always been plain sailing.  The Times tried to suggest that the Tripe Marketing Board was merely 'clever marketing' for Derek Ripley's Forgotten Lancashire and Parts of Cheshire and the Wirral - our first publication under the TMB imprint. Meanwhile, Bookseller Monthly claimed Derek Ripley's book was merely a clever attempt to market tripe.

We're proud of our achievements in putting tripe back on the dinner tables and bookshelves of Britain.  Sir Norman Wrassle acknowledged our success in a TMB posting in October.  Sales of tripe doubled in Lancashire as a result of our summer 2012 campaign, and we plan to increase this further in 2013 with the publication of Derek Ripley's The Lost Films of 20th Century Spatchcock - the first appreciation of one of Lancashire's most under-rated movie directors.

2013 looks set to be another bumper year for tripe - thanks for your support in 2012!

18 December 2012

Christmas Number One For TMB!

TMB Books - the publishing arm of the Tripe Marketing Board - is this week celebrating its first publication reaching the coveted No 1 spot in the Amazon Free Kindle Downloads charts (18 December 2012).

Emily French, TMB Books' Communications Officer, said: "This is fantastic news for everyone in the publishing office.  Forgotten Lancashire and Parts of Cheshire and the Wirral is our first book and it's particularly pleasing to have topped this chart in the week leading up to Christmas."      Meanwhile, sales of the print version of the book continue to go well. Tripe Marketing Board Chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle said: "I'll be the first to admit I was sceptical about moving into publishing, but I'm happy to hold my hands up and accept I was wrong.  Thanks to Derek Ripley's book, we're putting tripe firmly back on the map."

Dr Ripley has attracted a lot of attention since his book was published.  He now writes a regular column for Lancashire Life magazine and his most recent offering charts the development of some ancient Lancashire Christmas traditions.

He is hard at work on his next book, due out from TMB Books in early 2013, charting the history of a forgotten north west film studio, Twentieth Century Spatchcock - more details at the Lost Films website.

On hearing that TMB Books has reached the No 1 spot, Sir Norman said: "It's amazing how many people want to read a free book on Amazon Kindle - all I can think is that this must be some sort of protest against Amazon's failure to pay tax in the UK."

New Name For Tripe: An Announcement

The Tripe Marketing Board regrets to announce that it has been forced to suspend its competition to find a new name for tripe following a legal intervention instigated by the UK Association of Tripe Dressers and Finishers in the European courts.

Ms Raymond D├ęchets, a spokesman for the EU Office of Traditional Cuisine, said: "I can confirm that we have received an application on behalf of the ATDF for Lancashire Tripe to be given Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status."

TMB Director General, Mr Timothy Flaxton-Buoys, said: "This really moves the goalposts.  All our research shows we need to change tripe's name if we're to make it attractive to the under-85s.  But PDO status for tripe may make that difficult."

In the spirit of Christmas, TMB Chairman Sir Norman Wrassle asked for the competition to stand and instructed his wife, Lady Cheryl Wrassle, to act as judge. He said: "We may not be able to legally change the name, but we'll find a way round it, I am sure."

The winning entry was via Twitter - @Tradski suggested Troffal and that caught Lady Cheryl's eye.  Once we find out how to locate you, Mr or Mrs Tradski, we'll be sending you a copy of Derek Ripley's Forgotten Lancashire to enjoy in time for Christmas.

Enjoy Life.  Enjoy Troffal.

3 December 2012

A New Name For Tripe

As if it wasn’t difficult enough trying to persuade people to eat the stomach lining of a cow, it’s an uphill struggle trying to get them to eat something called tripe. The word has too many negative connotations. It’s like trying to sell a washing powder called Stink or a chocolate bar called Chunder.  Marketing tripe is a tough sell.

So we’ve decided to try to find a new name for tripe. Unlike the Post Office, we want to avoid paying an agency a small fortune to come up with a rubbish name so we thought we’d ask you.

There are lots of examples of brands changing their names.  Marathon became Snickers, Jif became Cif and Opal Fruits became Starburst. And who can forget the stroke of genius which transformed Sunny Delight into Sunny D?

We’re looking for a name which will change the way people think about tripe

A name which reflects the traditional values it embodies yet makes it more attractive to the 21st century consumer.  A name which will convince people that tripe isn’t just for the over 85s. A name which makes tripe sexy. 

The best suggestion will receive a very special prize - a signed copy of Forgotten Lancashire and Parts of Cheshire and the Wirral, a book described by Lancashire Life magazine as 'comedy genius'.

Submit your entry no later than Friday 14 December 2012via our website, a 'comment' below, or Tweet your entry to @TripeUK

The judge's decision is final, and no cash alternative will be available as a prize (although we will substitute 1lb of the finest Lancashire honeycomb tripe at your request).

Early submissions include:

Lancashire Calamari

Golden Honeycomb


Yummy Tummy


Lancashire Linguine





Garstang Goulash

Awfuloffal (we don't think so!)

Lancashire tartare

Clitheroe Caviar   

Can you do better?  More details here.