3 December 2012

A New Name For Tripe

As if it wasn’t difficult enough trying to persuade people to eat the stomach lining of a cow, it’s an uphill struggle trying to get them to eat something called tripe. The word has too many negative connotations. It’s like trying to sell a washing powder called Stink or a chocolate bar called Chunder.  Marketing tripe is a tough sell.

So we’ve decided to try to find a new name for tripe. Unlike the Post Office, we want to avoid paying an agency a small fortune to come up with a rubbish name so we thought we’d ask you.

There are lots of examples of brands changing their names.  Marathon became Snickers, Jif became Cif and Opal Fruits became Starburst. And who can forget the stroke of genius which transformed Sunny Delight into Sunny D?

We’re looking for a name which will change the way people think about tripe

A name which reflects the traditional values it embodies yet makes it more attractive to the 21st century consumer.  A name which will convince people that tripe isn’t just for the over 85s. A name which makes tripe sexy. 

The best suggestion will receive a very special prize - a signed copy of Forgotten Lancashire and Parts of Cheshire and the Wirral, a book described by Lancashire Life magazine as 'comedy genius'.

Submit your entry no later than Friday 14 December 2012via our website, a 'comment' below, or Tweet your entry to @TripeUK

The judge's decision is final, and no cash alternative will be available as a prize (although we will substitute 1lb of the finest Lancashire honeycomb tripe at your request).

Early submissions include:

Lancashire Calamari

Golden Honeycomb


Yummy Tummy


Lancashire Linguine





Garstang Goulash

Awfuloffal (we don't think so!)

Lancashire tartare

Clitheroe Caviar   

Can you do better?  More details here. 

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