7 January 2013

Heroes Of Tripe

Last year, we inaugurated our Hero Of Tripe Award, to much critical acclaim.  In 2012, we made just four awards.
  • Brian Yarvin survived Superstorm Sandy when it hit his New Jersey home, but nevertheless managed to locate some tripe and, despite the lack of heat or electricity, improvised by tucking into a plate of Tibetan cold spicy tripe in Jackson Heights, Queens.
  • Frank Ryding, who runs a busy bookstall in Wigan Market, won his award by selling more copies of TMB Books' Forgotten Lancashire and Parts of Cheshire and the Wirral than any other bookseller in the country (apart from Waterstones).  Well done, Frank!
  • The Offal Club of Manchester received the award for their unerring dedication to sampling all kinds of offal - tripe included. 
With tripe's recent resurgence, we're already able to announce two new heroes for 2013: John Murray, from Chester, and former Coronation Street actor turned chef, Sean Wilson.

John Murray tucks into some honeycomb at Goslings, in Barnsley.
John Murray receives his award for services above and beyond the call of duty.  When he heard last week that chef Ian Derbyshire, at the popular Brewery Tap pub in Chester, was willing to risk serving tripe to his customers, he volunteered to cross the Pennines (braving temperatures of almost 9°C) to source the finest honeycomb tripe (along with some chitterlings) from the acclaimed Gosling's tripe stall in Barnsley.  The resultant dish - Crispy fried salt & pepper tripe with sweet chilli sauce - was a hit with regulars and visitors alike (and why wouldn't it be?)  Well done, John!

Sean Wilson
Earlier that week, viewers of Channel 5's The Great Northern Cookbook were treated to Sean Wilson persuading the good people of Liverpool to tuck into a plate of crispy Thai tripe by not telling them what was in it.  Although we wouldn't normally suggest serving tripe to people who think it's something else, the ruse obviously worked.  There was soon a crowd of folk clamouring for the tasty dish.  That's the way to do it, Sean - you're a true hero of tripe!



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