17 January 2013

Time's Up For the Grocer's Apostrophe

It pays to keep your eyes peeled at the Tripe Marketing Board.  We've learned the hard way that when tripe crops up on the internet, we need to pounce to put our case.  So, when we noticed a discussion about tripe and apostrophes on this blog, we knew we had to step in.

Unlike our colleagues in the National Grocers Association  and the Scottish Grocers' Federation, we like to think we know a rogue apostrophe when we see it. That's why we issued our Tripe Trade Note on Apostrophes in 2012, alerting the industry to its correct usage.  As our Chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle, said at the time: "There's no excuse in the day and age of Microsoft Word's wonderful thesaurus capability for anyone to misuse the apostrophe - even if it's a word that doesn't appear itself in Word's thesaurus."

Sadly, this didn't filter through to all our members.  That's why we're asking tripe dealers everywhere to pay particular attention to any signage they may have erected.

Photo: Gerald England, 2013
If there are any tripe retailers out there uncertain about how to use their apostrophes, or suffering a shortage of them, then the news is good: we can advise you or provide them for you at a reasonable fee.

Meanwhile - let's say a big thank you to Lyndon, at the Clarendon Mall in Hyde Market, for displaying his Tripe Marketing Board clock - one of a range of tripe merchandise available at Cafe Press.  He's our latest Hero of Tripe!


  1. Thank you for this very useful piece. It is wonderful to note that not only are the TMB in the vanguard of promotion and education regarding our chosen delicacy but also they are making a sound, nay an audible resonance, whilst contributing to correct usage of HMQ English. Hurrah
    Martin McEvoy
    Your proud and always resonant Honorary President, whom God Preserve (In aspic)

  2. I believe the said apostrophe was left out as an advertising ploy to bring Lyndon's new venture to the attention of Tripe Lovers everywhere..... I for one will be down there this weekend getting lashings of Honeycomb, enough Rag Puddings to see me through the week and maybe a Pigs Trotter or 3.