18 January 2013

Traces Of Tripe

Following revelations in the national media that major supermarket chains have been stocking beefburgers at least partially comprised of horse meat, the Tripe Marketing Board has rushed to reassure the British public that we are not aware that any beefburgers contain tripe.

Sir Norman Wrassle, Chairman of the Tripe Marketing Board, today said: "We know full well that not everyone yet likes tripe.  That's why, when we published Forgotten Lancashire and Parts of Cheshire and the Wirral under the TMB Books imprint, we were careful to alert potential readers that the book may contain traces of tripe.  We believe we are the first publisher to openly acknowledge this fact on the cover of a book - despite the fact that there are many, many books that have previously been published that are likely to have had a lot of tripe in them. Professor Stephen Hawkeye's A Brief History of Meatballs is one that immediately springs to mind."

TMB Books prides itself on its honest approach to publishing, and we can guarantee 100% that no horse meat is included in any of our publications.

Forgotten Lancashire is available from bookshops across the north west, or from Amazon.  It is also available as a Kindle download at just £1.99 for people who don't like books.

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