31 January 2013

Tripe is so good for you!

The Tripe Marketing Board's campaign to make 2013 the Year of Tripe continues apace this week with daily coverage on BBC Radio Cumbria.

While not professing to be a lover of tripe himself, Mr Gordon Swindlehurst has this week featured tripe on each of his lunchtime shows.  Tomorrow, TMB Honorary President Mr Martin McEvoy will be speaking live to an audience of sheep farmers and Sellafield workers about how he was inspired to re-work Rigoletto's classic La Donna E Mobile on behalf of the TMB, after seeing a repeat of the classic 1961 Alfred Spatchcock movie A Taste of Honeycomb

Sir Norman Wrassle, Chairman of the Tripe Marketing Board, said: "This is the first time tripe has featured so prominently on a day-time radio broadcast since the early 1970s.  It's a sign that tripe is making a comeback and we've got lots of campaign ideas to keep it in the public eye."

Sir Norman, who has recently returned from a tripe-tasting visit to the South of France, is a keen lover of Cumbria, having once stopped off at Tebay services to refuel his car en route to Scotland.  He joked: "We can forgive Mr Swindlehurst if he isn't an ardent fan of tripe since he's made his airwaves so freely available to us this week!  I'll arrange to send him a pound of the finest honeycomb sometime and let's see if we can't change his mind."

Mr McEvoy can be heard on 1 February at around 1.30pm on BBC Radio Cumbria.

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