29 March 2013

TMB Assures Tripe Retailers: 'We're On Track'

The Tripe Marketing Board has moved to re-assure tripe retailers across the country that its strategy for promoting tripe is 'on track'.

The move follows muted criticism on a number of internet forums used by retailers of tripe that the TMB had 'lost touch' with the trade following its move into book publishing and its use of the social media to sell tripe.

Sir Norman Wrassle, speaking at a Rotary Club lunch in Preston yesterday, said: "The tripe industry has got to move with the times.  With falling year-on-year consumption of tripe since 1948, drastic measures were called for."  He claimed that there were tentative signs that the strategy was reaping dividends.

"Our Communications department have assured me that we now have over 700 people feeding from our tweets and more than 200 people have joined our We Love Tripe! group on Facebox.  We knew that people were looking for a safe place to discuss tripe, and we have provided that place," he went on to say.

Responding to criticism that the TMB had no place in book publishing, Sir Norman was equally brusque:  "Last year, we signed up Dr Derek J Ripley to a three book deal as our resident historian.  His task is to subliminally put the case for tripe in an informative and entertaining way and he is rapidly becoming the Professor Brian Cox of the tripe world."

Sir Norman produced figures to show that Dr Ripley's latest book, The Lost Films of 20th Century Spatchcock, contained over 140 separate references to tripe - far more than any other book published so far in 2013 - and challenged his audience to point to any other food marketing board that had done the same this year.

He finished his talk with an appeal to the tripe retailers of Britain to stay calm and carry on selling tripe, saying: "I appeal to the tripe retailers of Britain to stay calm and keep carrying on selling tripe while we stimulate demand in novel and entertaining ways.  It is my pledge to you that we will look back on 2013 as the turning point for tripe!"

26 March 2013

Mayor Johnson Says Talk of Being TMB Chair 'Nonsense'

Maurice Johnson pictured today outside his home in snowy Lytham. 
TMB Chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has welcomed today's announcement by Maurice Johnson, Mayor of Lytham that he has 'no intention' of standing for the post of Chairman at the Tripe Marketing Board's forthcoming AGM.

In a wide-ranging interview on Radio Lytham, the controversial white-haired advocate of fracking said: "I have no intention of standing for the post of Chairman of the Tripe Marketing Board at the forthcoming AGM.  Sir Norman Wrassle has my full support at this time.  However, let me make it clear that I would not rule out the possibility of standing for the post at some future date."

Cllr Johnson has attracted widespread criticism for allegedly making up quotes whilst working as the editor of the Lytham Telegraph and for a number of illicit affairs with members of the Lytham & St Annes Tuesday Luncheon Club.  He also courted controversy last year when he was pictured kicking a donkey on Blackpool beach.

24 March 2013


The Lost Films of 20th Century Spatchcock
In the Tripe Marketing Board's newly-published book The Lost Films of 20th Century Spatchcock, author Derek Ripley makes a number of references to the custom of donkey stoning and donkeys being stoned in Lancashire.

Following representation from the Lancashire Association of Donkey Sanctuaries and the Home Office Counter Drugs Unit, we are pleased to acknowledge that neither the stoning nor drugging of donkeys has ever been widespread in the county.

Dr Ripley clearly took the term 'donkey stoning'  literally to mean throwing or hurling stones at donkeys, rather than the practice of scrubbing the front doorstep of a house with a donkey stone which was once widespread in Lancashire and to which the term refers. 

We apologise sincerely for any offence caused to the donkey community and their owners.

21 March 2013

Vegetarian Tripe

TMB Chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle, has moved swiftly to clarify a statement he made while being interviewed on BBC Radio yesterday (20 March 2013).  In a wide-ranging discussion with presenter Elliott Webb of BBC Hereford and Worcester, Sir Norman touched on the subject of tripe and vegetarianism.  After the interview, it was reported that Sir Norman had described tripe as a vegetarian food.  

For clarification, the transcript of Sir Norman's comments are printed below:

"It's not strictly a vegetarian dish - we have to say that - but if you've ever had a dinner party, Elliott, where you've got vegetarians and meat eaters on the same table, let's face it, we all struggle to know what to serve up. We're saying: give them tripe! Serve it with broccoli, swede and a bit of mashed potato and the vegetarians can leave it on their plate like everybody else."

Sir Norman's interview is available via this link, and listeners are invited to make their own minds up.

We apologise sincerely to any vegetarian tripe lovers who expected Sir Norman to list producers of vegetarian tripe and are pleased to direct them to this supplier should they require stocks.  

20 March 2013

TMBs 'Cautious Welcome' For 2013 Budget

The Tripe Marketing Board has broadly welcomed the Chancellor's 2013 Budget.  

Speaking at a trade luncheon earlier today, Sir Norman Wrassle, Chairman of the TMB said he was heartened that there had been no mention by George Osborne of any plans to impose a tax on tripe.

"Such a tax would have decimated our industry just as the first signs of recovery are starting to show through," said Sir Norman.

He went on to express a cautious welcome for the continued focus by the Government on its programme of sustained austerity: "Tripe is a foodstuff that will forever be associated in many people's minds with austerity, so this can only be good news for tripe retailers up and down the land."

10 March 2013

Tim Says It's Time For Tripe!

It’s tasty, nutritious and due for a comeback - that's what Tim Bilton, an up-and-coming chef who trained in classical French cuisine under Raymond Blanc says about tripe!   

Tim (pictured right) is the chef proprietor of the Butchers Arms in Hepworth, West Yorkshire and claims that whenever he's in Leeds he pops into Kirkgate Market to visit The Tripe Shop there - and who can blame him?

Tim will be appearing on BBC2’s Great British Menu in April. He won't be cooking tripe on the show (shame!), nor does it yet appear on the Butchers Arms menu. “Tripe has got a bad press,” said Tim. “Many people recoil at the thought of it, but they’ve never given it a try”.   We couldn't agree with you more, Tim - let's hope it makes an appearance at the Butchers Arms soon!

 “It’s the older generation who remember tripe. But in other countries they dish it up in all sorts of ways, like the Andouille French tripe sausage, or the spicy Indonesian dish Babat and there’s no reason why we can’t cook up new and exciting ways to serve it."  Well said, that man.  

With chefs like Tim, the Tripe Marketing Board is confident that we can make 2013 the Year Of Tripe and increase the appeal of tripe to those under the age of 85.