10 March 2013

Tim Says It's Time For Tripe!

It’s tasty, nutritious and due for a comeback - that's what Tim Bilton, an up-and-coming chef who trained in classical French cuisine under Raymond Blanc says about tripe!   

Tim (pictured right) is the chef proprietor of the Butchers Arms in Hepworth, West Yorkshire and claims that whenever he's in Leeds he pops into Kirkgate Market to visit The Tripe Shop there - and who can blame him?

Tim will be appearing on BBC2’s Great British Menu in April. He won't be cooking tripe on the show (shame!), nor does it yet appear on the Butchers Arms menu. “Tripe has got a bad press,” said Tim. “Many people recoil at the thought of it, but they’ve never given it a try”.   We couldn't agree with you more, Tim - let's hope it makes an appearance at the Butchers Arms soon!

 “It’s the older generation who remember tripe. But in other countries they dish it up in all sorts of ways, like the Andouille French tripe sausage, or the spicy Indonesian dish Babat and there’s no reason why we can’t cook up new and exciting ways to serve it."  Well said, that man.  

With chefs like Tim, the Tripe Marketing Board is confident that we can make 2013 the Year Of Tripe and increase the appeal of tripe to those under the age of 85.

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