21 March 2013

Vegetarian Tripe

TMB Chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle, has moved swiftly to clarify a statement he made while being interviewed on BBC Radio yesterday (20 March 2013).  In a wide-ranging discussion with presenter Elliott Webb of BBC Hereford and Worcester, Sir Norman touched on the subject of tripe and vegetarianism.  After the interview, it was reported that Sir Norman had described tripe as a vegetarian food.  

For clarification, the transcript of Sir Norman's comments are printed below:

"It's not strictly a vegetarian dish - we have to say that - but if you've ever had a dinner party, Elliott, where you've got vegetarians and meat eaters on the same table, let's face it, we all struggle to know what to serve up. We're saying: give them tripe! Serve it with broccoli, swede and a bit of mashed potato and the vegetarians can leave it on their plate like everybody else."

Sir Norman's interview is available via this link, and listeners are invited to make their own minds up.

We apologise sincerely to any vegetarian tripe lovers who expected Sir Norman to list producers of vegetarian tripe and are pleased to direct them to this supplier should they require stocks.  

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