17 April 2013

And all because the lady loves... tripe!

When the Tripe Marketing Board launched its new line of promotional items last month we little thought we were creating a fashion statement.  But, as the picture here shows, our Tripe: Not Just For Dogs t-shirt is rapidly becoming the 'must have' garment to be seen in - and not just among those working in the tripe industry or living in Lancashire!

Pictured right is Mr Barry Card from somewhere down south with a young admirer, sporting his t-shirt while visiting the Wilton Music Hall in London.  He's currently the leading contender in the Tripe Marketing Board's latest competition to win a copy of Derek J Ripley's The Lost Films of 20th Century Spatchcock.

To enter, all you have to do is e-mail us a photograph of you or a friend wearing one of the TMB's extensive tripe-promoting garments by 31 May 2013*, and the picture taken furthest away from Preston, Lancashire will be awarded the prize.

Our latest Tripe For Vitality campaign features Lucy - Lady Cheryl Wrassle's favourite West Highland White terrier - but other designs are available.

*Employees of the Tripe Marketing Board, relatives of Dr Derek Ripley and people who are very skilled at using Photoshop to create the illusion that a t-shirt is being worn by someone sitting astride the Sydney Harbour Bridge are not eligible to enter.  The TMB may use any photographs submitted in its ongoing campaign to promote tripe to the people of Britain.

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