7 April 2013

Crispy Tripe

A major crisp manufacturer has been besieged by tripe lovers up and down the land to make their next crisp creation something that includes tripe.  As a result of a posting on the TMB's Facebook group We Love Tripe! yesterday, at least three people have already voted for sun dried tomato with crispy fried tripe as the Walkers crisps next new flavour.

Chairman of the TMB, Sir Norman Wrassle, said: "If enough people get behind this campaign, I am sure we can persuade the powers that be at Walkers that tripe is a suitable flavour for a crisp."

The last time tripe flavoured crisps were produced was in the 1960s in the north east of England, but they were withdrawn after just two weeks due to poor sales.  Sir Norman is more hopeful of this new flavour idea:  "It's the perfect fusion of Lancashire and the Mediterranean," he said, while encouraging more people to suggest the flavour via the Walkers website before the closing date of 16 April. 

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