3 April 2013

Special 'K' For Tripe!

The people of Hyde in Greater Manchester certainly know a lot about tripe!  And, to prove it, a new entrance sign for the Hyde Indoor Market incorporates a range of historic images relating to tripe - some culled from the archives of the Tripe Marketing Board.

Local community groups have been involved in a project to create an eye-catching piece of artwork to mark the way in to the indoor market hall from Clarendon Square Shopping Centre and the 3D sculpture spells out Hyde Indoor Market in a collage made up of the different things that can be bought on the market stalls.  This includes buttons and keys to comics and even dog chews - but not actual tripe or other perishable products, where photographs have been used instead.

The new sign will be unveiled on Saturday 6 April and it is hoped the vibrant display will help make the indoor market entrance more visibleand attract more visitors.   According to the manager of the Clarendon Square shopping centre where the market is located, more than 4.1 millions shoppers visit the centre each year.   Jacqui Symons and Richard Dawson from Woodend Artists worked with Hyde Indoor Market tenants to design the artwork.

TMB Chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle, said: "When the media tries (as they so frequently do) to say that interest in tripe is declining, we can point them to the special 'K' at Hyde market as evidence that it is still a popular dish."

Tripe retailer Lyndon Boot has a special place in the hearts of shoppers at Hyde Market.  His open invitation to people to 'Let's Talk Tripe!' and to 'Choose Tripe' has proven to be a big hit with the people of Hyde, ensuring that tripe remains a popular dish in the area.

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