23 May 2013

"A handbag?"

An Edinburgh University design student has created a line of handbags made from from tripe, in honour of the Highland Cow.

Jocelyn Mather, 23 (pictured right on the STV news website), has designed four bags made from tripe, with fastenings made from cow horns and bull-ring.

Jocelyn's lecturer, Ian Lambert, thought the handbags could be a big hit with Lady Gaga and Ms Mather hopes they will encourage people to waste less of each animal.

Sir Norman Wrasle, Chairman of the Tripe Marketing Board, was delighted to hear the news and is investigating purchasing one of the bags for his wife, Lady Cheryl. "This is just the kind of initiative we need to make tripe more appealing to the under 85s and Jocelyn is truly a Hero of Tripe," he said.

The Tripe Marketing Board last year launched its own clothing and product line featuring images designed by students at the Wigan School of Home Economcs, drawing on a tradition stretching back many decades.

In his book, Forgotten Lancashire and Parts of Cheshire and the Wirral, Dr Derek Ripley argues that tripe has always played a key role in fashion, as this quote from his chapter Tripe: Food of the Gods explains:

"During the war when fabrics were scarce, women would make clothes from tripe and throughout Lancashire there arose large numbers of tripe dressers (often back-room businesses) who dressed women in the finest garments made of tripe.  

"Probably the first to dress in this way was Lady Ha Ha, wife of the notorious traitor Lord Ha Ha, who caused a sensation when she wore a magnificent off the shoulder white dress made from the finest Lancashire tripe at the opening ceremony of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin."

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