5 June 2013

60 Glorious Years of Tripe

The Tripe Marketing Board this week celebrated the Queen's diamond jubilee with a special meeting held at the Preston Travelodge followed by a dinner at a local pub.

Chairman of the TMB, Sir Norman Wrassle, said: "These are austere times and we judged it important not to fritter away our reserves in the posh restaurants of Preston on this occasion."

Mr Barry Card (right).

Sir Norman used the event to announce the winner of the TMB's recent competition for a copy of The Lost Films of 20th Century Spatchcock - Mr Barry Card, of London.   Mr Card won the competition by wearing a TMB t-shirt furthest away from our HQ in Preston.

Sir Norman also commented on a recent decision by internet giant Amazon to offer the TMB's recent publication at the ridiculously low-price of £8.72.   "This is good news for anyone concerned at Amazon's alleged attempts to reduce their UK tax bill, as it self-evidently means there will be less tax for them to avoid paying."

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