18 June 2013

Call For Resignation of Andrew Percy, MP

Tripe Marketing Board Chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle has called on Andrew Percy, MP to resign after making what Sir Norman termed 'disgraceful' comparisons between comments made by Minister Without Portfolio, Kenneth Clarke and tripe.

Mr Clarke's view that Britain leaving the European Union "would mean curtains for our ability to have any leadership role" across the world was described by  Mr Percy, Conservative MP for Brigg & Goole, as "utter tripe".

Speaking at a business luncheon in Chorley today, Sir Norman said: "Mr Percy and others like him should think long and hard before comparing the views of their fellow Conservatives to tripe.  Our media monitoring strategy means we are ready to challenge and counter any derogatory and negative associations between our fine product and anything else."

Sir Norman said that the TMB's Media Monitoring Unit had so far taken a relaxed view toward use of such comparisons in the social media:  "We simply haven't got the resources to counter every negative use of the word tripe on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, where people regularly compare TV programmes like Big Brother, Birds of a Feather and The Voice to our product.  But a member of parliament quoted in the national media is another matter."

Sir Norman promised he would be writing to David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party and asking him to demand the resignation of Mr Percy.  He would also be sending Mr Percy a thesaurus, in the hope that in future he might use words such as rubbish, twaddle, garbage, drivel, nonsense and claptrap in place of tripe.

"We have a difficult enough job promoting tripe as it is, without the unthinking comments of southern MPs," Sir Norman said.