27 June 2013

Dogs and Tripe

Not just for dogs
The Tripe Marketing Board has announced a review of its advertising strategy following the discovery that its Twitter account has recently been ‘followed’ by a significant number of dogs.

Twitter is a social network where short messages can be shared in private with friends and followers.  It has been used by a number of businesses and marketing agencies – including the Tripe Marketing Board – to spread their message to potential consumers.

TMB chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle, expressed surprise at learning that many Twitter users were dogs.  He said: “I have been persuaded that Twitter has its place in our marketing strategy and have been encouraged that we have gained so many followers in the short time since we embraced the medium.  However, it appears that many of our followers are of a canine variety and this is jeopardising our aim to persuade more people to eat tripe -  particularly the under 85s.”

Speaking at a business lunch in Leyland, Sir Norman suggested that the TMB may have contributed to the recent influx of ‘dog followers’ by choosing to use Brandy, his wife’s West Highland Terrier, in their recent ‘Tripe For Vitality’ campaign.

The TMB has called for an emergency meeting with its creative team at Messrs Bootle Boggle Peggotty to review its current contract and to ensure that the focus of the campaign is clarified.

“I’d like to make it clear that this measure does not mean that the TMB is anti-dog. Dogs have been avid consumers of tripe since time immemorial and we do not wish to alienate them or their owners. My wife has been a patron of the West Fylde branch of Poodles In Distress for many years.  But we do need to emphasise that, contrary to popular belief, tripe isn’t just for dogs,” Sir Norman said.

Sir Norman suggested that the best possible outcome would be for the TMB to set up a separate Twitter account specifically for our canine followers, and tripe retailers were urged to stock up on green tripe, in anticipation.


  1. Somebody is errr... possibly.... Barking?

  2. No, Sir Norman lives in Lytham St Annes.