7 June 2013

Good News For Tripe As Austerity Expected To Last For Years

BBC Business News, 7 June 2013
Tripe Marketing Board Chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle, today expressed 'cautious delight' at predictions by two influential think tanks that the UK faces years more austerity.

"We know that, in times when people's spending is limited, they turn to tripe - so this has got to be good news for tripe retailers all over the United Kingdom," said Sir Norman.  He appealed to butchers and tripe sellers to capitalise on the situation, arguing there would never be a better time to promote tripe.

"When George Osborne became Chancellor of the Exchequer, few could have predicted that this would mark a revival in the fortunes of a foodstuff that has long languished on the butchers' slabs of Britain.  Mark my words - tripe's ripe for a comeback!" Sir Norman told a meeting of the Chorley Womens Institute today.

Office of Tripe Consumption official data 2012
Although tripe consumption has been falling for many years, there are tentative signs that the rate of decline has slowed dramatically.   Yet figures released by the European Union earlier this month illustrate that there is still room for improvement here in Britain.

Responding to questions from his audience, Sir Norman underlined his confidence in the TMB's strategy to promote tripe.  "Our move into book production was not universally popular amongst those working in the industry, but I am sure this diversification will pay off in due course," Sir Norman said.

"We've mapped out a ten year strategy for tripe.  After austerity comes utility, and we have a team of researchers working on practical applications for tripe that will astound the world," he said.

There was natural interest amongst the Chorley WI at the recent development of tripe handbags, and Sir Norman promised a whole range of utility tripe fashion garments were in the offing.  Warming to his theme, he concluded with a rallying cry, reminding his audience that 2013 was designated as The Year Of Tripe and that it was the job of the TMB to ensure that this aspiration was realised.

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