2 June 2013

Interns Suspended After Lobbying Claims

Two interns employed by the Tripe Marketing Board to promote tripe have been suspended following allegations that they tried to bribe members of the House of Lords to support a bill guaranteeing free tripe for the over 85s.

TMB Chairman, Sir Norman Wrassle, rushed to reassure the trade in an announcement issued this afternoon.  He said:  "Last year, we established a small budget - certainly only three figures - to undertake lobbying activity in connection with our campaign to make tripe free for anyone over the age of 85.  It appears that two interns recently employed by the TMB have misunderstood the nature of the lobbying we had in mind.  They used the budget to treat two prominent peers to a lunch of Tripe Proven├žal at a flashy Covent Garden restaurant.  This is clearly unacceptable, and they have been suspended pending their imminent dismissal."

Sir Norman went on to state that the Tripe Marketing Board had referred itself to the appropriate authorities.

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