30 June 2013

Mr Barry Gibb: A Statement by Sir Norman Wrassle

Sir Norman Wrassle

This morning, I issued what some may have thought was a rather trenchant open letter to Mr Barry Gibb, the popular musical performer,  castigating him for critical remarks he made about tripe during an appearance on the BBC's The One Show.

I should make it clear that my actions were prompted by an intern who had only been working at the TMB for less than a week and that my concern was only ever for the livelihoods of the dozens of men and women across the UK who make their living selling tripe.

My attention has now been drawn to the fact that, using the medium of Twitter, Mr Gibb has already apologised to tripe lovers across the world for his off-the cuff remarks and has undertaken to eat tripe again.  When our solicitors learned of this, I immediately ordered that a first class Tweet be sent out to Mr Gibb expressing my remorse and offering to arrange for him to sample some Lancashire tripe next time he is in the area.

I have also ordered an immediate review of our media monitoring unit with a view to strengthening it so that such an unfortunate occurrence cannot happen again.  I am grateful for additional funding from the East Lancashire Borough Council which will enable this development and our communications department have already advertised the positions.


  1. Barry's auntie has tripe every week and l don't mind it aw with a little pepper and vinegar

  2. what in God's name? Tripe? That's simply tripe!

  3. Thanks for letting us know, Hazel. Are you in touch with Mr Gibb? If so, please pass on Sir Norman's apologies and thanks for his swift public response.