22 June 2013

The TMB and the Arts

The Tripe Marketing Board is an independent body which receives no subsidy from the UK Government.  Apart from a brief period in the 1980s, it has never been sponsored by any commercial interest. The TMB's only source of funding is a small grant from the European Office of Tripe Consumption, income from our publishing and product division and the occasional legacy from a deceased tripe dresser. 

In response to criticism that it is 'in the pocket' of various meat producers and abattoirs, the TMB will shortly be making its accounts publicly available so that people can make their own judgement.

Nevertheless, the TMB (and its predecessor organisations) has a proud record of sponsoring the arts. In the past, we have supported musicians and film-makers as varied as The Tripe Girls and the Hollinwood studios of 20th Century Spatchcock.   The annual Beefstock Festival is a key date in the TMB's diary and we are naturally hoping for better weather this year.

We are frequently asked whether the TMB is in any way associated with the popular North American  musical ensemble Humble Tripe.  The answer is no - although they are a fine set of musicians  and we applaud their decision to incorporate our product in their band's title.  We know how difficult it can be to promote tripe and it can't be easy taking to the stage under the banner of tripe.  But we can heartily recommend you take a listen.

Love life. Love tripe. Share the love.

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