15 June 2013

TMB Celebrates Social Media Success

The Tripe Marketing Board is set to almost double its investment in the social media following a successful campaign to promote tripe using Twitter, Facebook and unsolicited mailshots.

The move comes after the Office of Offal Regulation (OffOffal) cleared the TMB of trying to garner an unexpectedly large market share by working outside the industry code of practice.

Announcing the move at a conference of social marketeers held in Bolton yesterday, TMB Chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: "I must admit that I was not initially convinced that Twitter and Facebook were for us.  But we are an industry with a long pedigree of promoting tripe in various innovative ways, so I am delighted that we now have over 200 members in our We Love Tripe! group on Facebook and over 900 'followers' on Twitter."

Sir Norman contrasted the TMB's position with that of the Scottish Haggis Council*, which has no presence in the social media and does not even have a website. "Today's consumers expect to be able to interact with brands and products in ways our grandfathers barely imagined," he said.

Sir Norman has set the TMB's Communication Department the ambitious target of achieving 1000 Twitter followers by the spring of 2016, and Chief Executive Mr Timothy Flaxton-Buoys has authorised the Department to engage a second intern to help achieve this objective.

Sir Norman's speech to the  conference was accompanied by a showing of the TMB's promotional video demonstrating the unique ways in which tripe has been promoted over the past century.

* Formerly the Association for the Marketing of Sheep's Pluck

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