17 June 2013

TMB Statement

Tripe Marketing Board Chairman Sir Norman Wrassle today denied claims that he assaulted his wife Lady Cheryl in an exclusive Wigan restaurant at the weekend.

Pictures in Wigan On Sunday yesterday purported to show Sir Norman with both hands around his wife's neck.

Sir Norman said: "Lady Cheryl was eating some sea bass when a fish bone stuck in her throat. I was simply trying to dislodge it."

In response to another photo which appeared to show him kicking Lady Cheryl in the head outside the restaurant, Sir Norman said that he was merely re-enacting Wigan's goal in the FA Cup Final against Manchester City for the amusement of passers by.

Lady Cheryl will be continuing her diary of engagements for the week, which includes a brief holiday in the Seychelles and a shopping trip to New York.

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