23 June 2013

TMB To Overhaul Website

The Tripe Marketing Board has announced a radical overhaul of its website following complaints that visitors find it 'confusing', 'impenetrable' and  'difficult to navigate'.

The complaints were collated by internet analysts from the Office of Tripe Consumption in Brussels over a four week period from 20 May to 20 June 2013.

Tripe Marketing Board website visitors (Source: Office of Tripe Consumption)

Acting TMB Chief Executive, Henry Wrassle, said: "We are taking these complaints seriously.  I've had a look myself and have been surprised just how confusing the site is."

He gave the example of Tripe Adviser, which lists stockists of tripe from across the UK and Tripe Advisor, which was the TMB's attempt to garner tripe lovers' views on tripe TV programmes they had seen or tripe books they had read.  Mr Wrassle said that the latter facility had caused particular confusion for people searching the internet for recommendations for their 2013 holidays. 

"To allay concern and to re-assure tripe lovers everywhere, as a matter of urgency I have asked our communications department to change the focus of Tripe Advisor towards our customer service department, so that people have a safe place to go should they have any concerns or queries about tripe.  Tripe Adviser will continue its useful function of pointing people to places where they can purchase tripe," Mr Wrassle said.

The move co-incides with a strengthening of the TMB's customer service department, through the planned recruitment of a number of new staff and the installation of a TripeLine telephone service.

Mr Wrassle said: "I hope the public is re-assured".

Meanwhile, tripe lovers wishing to register their views about tripe TV programmes can make their views known here.

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