28 June 2013

Tripe and Drink: Survey Results Announced

Earlier this week the Tripe Marketing Board asked tripe lovers to name their favourite drink as an accompaniment to a tasty bowl of tripe. The results are based upon a combination of online, telephone and face to face surveys.

 Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said: “We are constantly trying to gather information in order to build a profile of our consumers.  This survey clearly shows that tripe is enjoyed by a wide variety of people and suggests that the typical consumer of tripe is just as likely to be a busy young executive from Islington as an 85 year old woman from Accrington.”


  1. Surely there is enough bleach in the Tripe without drinking it as well? The Dandy & Burdock is much lower than I would have expected, possibly due to the sudden uptake by southerners.

  2. We were surprised, too, Ken. But we think D&B is ripe for a comeback. Not that we're in their pocket, you understand.