19 June 2013

Tripe Marketing Board Welcomes MP's Tripe Concession

The Tripe Marketing Board has welcomed the decision of Mr Andrew Percy, MP for Brigg & Goole in Humberside, to accept Sir Norman Wrassle's challenge to pose for a photo shoot whilst eating tripe.

Speaking at a hastily-arranged press conference in Bury this lunchtime, Sir Norman (Chairman of the TMB) said: "This is a magnanimous gesture on the part of Mr Percy.  We will arrange for a supply of tripe to be made available to him at an early opportunity and I have no doubt this will help our cause in promoting tripe - something which his earlier comments risked setting back decades."

Sir Norman had suggested the challenge following Mr Percy's negative comparison of tripe with comments made by Kenneth Clarke, MP about Europe.  Following a fulsome apology, Mr Percy agreed to undertake the challenge so long as it did not involve him having to travel to Lancashire to do so.

Sir Norman went on to say:"I can understand Mr Percy's reluctance to face the people of our county given his earlier remarks. Although we would much have preferred the tripe sample to be Lancashire tripe (which is the whitest), Post Office regulations prohibit the posting of fresh offal, so we will instead arrange for him to receive some Yorkshire tripe, which is almost as good."

The TMB will be contacting Mr Percy's constituency office to set the challenge in train.

Sir Norman pleaded for tolerance after it was suggested that Mr Percy may be subjected to abuse from Lancastrians for his unguarded remarks: "We are not about to sanction such activity. We are happy that Mr Percy has agreed to taste some tripe and, just so long as he doesn't do anything silly -  such as grimace - that will be the end of the matter as far as we are concerned."

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