3 July 2013

Golden Era Beckons For Tripe

The British tripe industry is facing "the opportunity of a lifetime" according to Sir Norman Wrassle, chairman of the Tripe Marketing Board, who was speaking at a luncheon in Lancaster today.

Sir Norman was responding to reports in today's Daily Telegraph that Britain is in the midst of what UK Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood said was a “20 year generational battle” to rebalance the economy and return the country to financial health.

He appealed to tripe retailers to "stretch out the hand of tripe" to new consumers who would be looking for tried and tested products as they struggled to make ends meet in austerity Britain.  He said it was imperative that the TMB reached younger customers and applauded the work of the TMB communications department in their effort to capture the key 65-84 demographic.

"Our polling and focus groups all send us the same message: people looking for a cheap, tasty and nutricious dish will soon get fed up of beans on toast. We've got to be ready to tempt people with tripe," Sir Norman said.

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