16 July 2013

How Do You Like Your Tripe In The Morning? Survey Results

People who eat tripe for breakfast are less romantic than those who eat eggs. This is the surprise conclusion many people will draw from a survey of the breakfast habits of one hundred tripe eaters conducted by the Men In White in Wigan town centre at the  weekend.

In response to the question “How do you like your tripe in the morning?” more people said they would prefer it with a kipper than with a kiss.

However, Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle said, “I don’t believe tripe eaters are necessarily any less romantic than egg eaters. This is more a reflection of the age profile of those who took part in the survey than the romantic inclinations of people who eat tripe.” 


With a laxative                     31%
With a nice cup of tea           29%
With a glass of milk              18%  
With Gaviscon                      12%
With a kipper                         6%
With a kiss                            3%
With an egg                           1%   

Sir Norman has asked the TMB's product development division to see what the results mean for the industry and to investigate how tripe can re-claim its place on the breakfast tables of Britain.


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