11 July 2013

Job Losses Announced at TMB

The Tripe Marketing Board has announced that dozens of jobs are to be shed following a review of its Twitter operations.

The jobs will go at its Preston call centre where
one member of staff is employed to answer calls to the tripe advisory service Tripe Advisor and more than one hundred people are paid on commission to tweet messages about tripe around the clock.

The Tripe Marketing Board has taken this drastic measure following the publication of a report by socialbakers.com called ‘Tweeting too Much? Find Out the Ideal Tweet Frequency for Brands.’

According to the report, some brands tend to overwhelm Twitter followers and post around 20 tweets a day whilst others post only occasionally. TMB chairman Sir Norman Wrassle ordered an immediate review of its Twitter policy, the results of which have now been announced.

 “The report says engagement decreases after the third tweet and recommends that to keep your audience engaged, you should avoid tweeting too much and too little,” said Sir Norman. 

In a message to tripe retailers, he said: “We have been tweeting at a rate of up to 100 tweets an hour for the last few months so it seems that we may have been overdoing it a little. We have no alternative but to scale down our Twitter operations and lay off dozens of hardworking staff at our principal call centre. On reflection, paying our staff per tweet was perhaps not such a good idea."

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