15 July 2013

MP Eats His Words

Andrew Percy MP accepted Sir Norman Wrassle's invitation to take the Tripe Taste Challenge at Morrisons' Goole store last Friday.
Andrew Percy, MP (3rd from right) holds some tripe.
Mr Percy sampled a bowl of tripe and onions cooked in milk which had been specially prepared for him by Morrisons' in-house chefs.  Two of the Tripe Marketing Board’s popular Men In White team were present to adjudicate and confirmed that Mr Percy swallowed at least two pieces of tripe without visibly grimacing.

The tasting was filmed by BBC TV and broadcast on Look North (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire) on Friday evening and tripe retailers in the north east have been advised to order in additional supplies in anticipation of a rise in demand.

Sir Norman had been unable to be present at the public tasting after he was stung  by a bee whilst taking a comfort break at Hartshead Moor services on the M62. Recuperating at his Lytham home, Sir Norman said: “I would like to thank Mr Percy for being such a good sport and the staff of Morrisons for extending such a warm welcome to the Men In White. They took the opportunity to inspect the tripe on sale in the store and I am pleased to report that it met our rigorous standards. We can now endorse Morrisons as a 'TMB Approved' tripe retailer.”

After prompt treatment from staff in the A&E Department at Pontefract Hospital, Sir Norman caught up with the Men In White during a visit to Doncaster market and was able to complete his busy weekend of diary engagements by travelling to the Durham Miners’ Gala the following day and visiting Stockton to watch the popular Diversity event on Sunday.

Sir Norman said: “The Miners’ Gala is a traditional gathering of working folk in the north east.  It was important I didn’t let tripe lovers down.  I also wanted to carry our message to younger people, hence my visit to Stockton."

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