22 July 2013

'My Mission is Complete'-Sir Norman

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle landed safely on the Greek island of Zante in the early hours of this morning accompanied by his wife Lady Cheryl. He stooped to kiss the tarmac at Zakynthos International Airport to celebrate the fact that he had fulfilled a vow he made 26 years ago.

“When I became chairman of the Tripe Marketing Board-or British Tripe Marketing Board as it was then-back in 1987, I vowed that I would visit a different country every year in alphabetical order in order to find out what we can learn from the tripe industry in other countries and to extend  the hand of friendship to tripe lovers all over the world.

“In 1987 I visited Argentina, the beef capital of the world, last year I visited Yemen and today my mission is complete. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a country which begins with the letter X but that is by the by.”

Sir Norman said he had originally intended to visit Zambia or Zimbabwe but decided to travel closer to home in view of the current economic climate. His fact finding mission will include a visit to an abattoir and a tripe dressers convention but Sir Norman said that the most important fact he needed to establish first of all was what had happened to his luggage.

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