22 July 2013

TMB Hails Sporting Event of The Weekend

The inaugural Wigan Fun Run sponsored by the Tripe Marketing Board which took place yesterday was acclaimed as "the sporting highlight of the summer" by Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle.

Sir Norman saw the first participants off before leaving for a fact-finding mission to the Greek island of Zante. "This has been a busy weekend of sport in a busy summer of sport," he said, "but this event beats the lot. This is a proud day for tripe and a proud day for Wigan." To encourage members of the public to participate,

Under starter's orders (Pic: QSE Media)
anyone who was unable or unwilling to run the two  mile course was allowed to walk and anyone who couldn’t be bothered to walk was permitted to drive.  

The winner was Mrs Laura McGillivray, 48, of Chorley, who completed the two mile course in 1 minute 46 seconds driving a modified Ford Fiesta.

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