3 July 2013

TMB Chairman Seeks Next Apprentice

Have you got what it takes to become our chairman’s next apprentice?

Are you a dynamic young entrepreneur? Do you have an unusual hairstyle? Are you a bit too big for your boots?  Have you got an idea for a tripe-related business?

Sir Norman Wrassle is looking for 11 dynamic young entrepreneurs who are prepared to face a series of gruelling challenges in order to become his next apprentice and win a £100 investment for their business.

The challenges become increasingly difficult each week.They include running a marathon, swimming the English Channel and writing a best-selling novel. In the final week, the surviving contestants are faced with the ultimate challenge - to sell at least 1lb of tripe from a pop-up store somewhere in the south of England.

In addition to an investment of £100 in their business, the winning candidate will win a Choose Tripe t shirt, pen and mug.

For details of other opportunities at the Tripe Marketing Board please click here

About Sir Norman Wrassle
Sir Norman Wrassle is the charismatic and sometimes outspoken chairman of the Tripe Marketing Board, the UK’s  leading agency for the promotion of tripe. Sir Norman started his first business at the age of just 18 months. Whilst other babies were fast asleep or playing with their toys, Sir Norman - then just plain Norman- was selling surplus milk to other toddlers from his pram. He left school at the age of 6 and began selling pickled cucumbers from a stall on Wigan Market. By the age of 12 he was an international arms dealer with his own company listed on the Stock Market. At the age of 18 he was seriously injured when he fell off the back of a lorry but made a full recovery and is now not only a highly respected businessman but considered to be one of the leading experts on tripe in the whole of Lancashire.

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